Welcome to Gordon's Pet Store

We are a local family owned and run pet store here in the great small town of Warsaw VA. Gavin Rogers, the owner has grown up in the pet business where he has gained a great knowledge about the pets and their needs from his parents Tom and Sandra. The Rogers family has been in the pet business since the 70s.  Some of our customers might remember us from Scales and Nails in Tappahannock others might remember the name Tom's Tanks and more recently we had a store called Driftwood Aquatics all located in Tappahannock. Sadly Driftwood Aquatics had a bad fire and the store was lost. Its was a horrible experience but we didn't let it hold us back. Gavin reopened the store in 2013 with his partner Gordon who is the handsome Sulcata Tortoise you see in the picture above. Gordon is quite the special tortoise he suffered from a neglected past leaving him with a deformed shell and stunted growth. He ended up in a rescue and then later in life found his way to the Rogers Family. Gordon is about 58+ years old but has only been a member of the Rogers Family for 8+ years. Gordon survived the fire at Driftwood Aquatics so we gave Him the honor of naming the new store after him. Gordon had a hard beginning in life but now is a local celebrity. Stop by and visit Gordon and the Rogers family at Gordon's Pet Store.